On Sunday 18 September, Aline organised two groups to participate in this year’s Activity For Life event. One group would canoe down the Gardon, whilst the other would explore the environs of the Pont du Gard on foot. The two groups would then meet for a picnic lunch in the shadow of the monumental aqueduct.


All went well. Although not essential, good weather was more than a bonus. The walkers saw the bridge at its best and the canoeists enjoyed it all the more for not having to battle the elements. While most of the company were content to re-enact scenes from Last of the Mohicans, one couple (who shall remain nameless for security reasons) upheld the greatest of British maritime traditions. They zigzagged the whole course in a consummate display of evasive tactics that left local wildlife agape with admiration.

A picnic in the sun was not an arduous way to finish the day. Our enjoyment was further enhanced by the news that the event had raised 700 euros for CSFPG.