On 21 May  on a day which was  totaly perfect  with blue sky and passing cloud,. more than 100 people  attended the second CSFPG Fashion KS2_0091show.

Champagne canapes and lunch with wine was provided  with sponsorship help from  Styles Immobillier and   IFX and then we settled to the main business of the show.

Outfits  were provided by By KS2_0107de Bo in Uzes  and shown by  a group of elegant models and to music provided by Robert Frati


                                     The day continued with a raffle   and an auction  handled most professionally by Jim Pearce. KS2_0212

To wind up Tim  the CSFPG President and Pippa  Forster who runs our client support gave  a presentation on  our work.       KS2_0226                        

After all  the  proceeds were counted.   we raised €3300 for CSFPG funds.    An Amazing result .

THANK YOU to Mary for organising it and to everyone who helped and  to all of you who attended.KS2_0088