Tooltip TextFundraising 2017

We have had some amazing events in 2017 to date. These have been really important in raising our profile and awareness but have also generated essential funds.

The Pop-up Café after our AGM in March added €1000 to our resources. Our thanks to Pauline for organising this great event

Tim and Pippa held a garage sale before moving which raised €300.
The lovely piano, which lived in Tim and Pippa’s house, now resides in the Salle Capitulaire at Goudargues. We enjoyed a great concert by Rainout de Smet. Around sixty people attended and contributed €650. Our thanks to Goudargues and to Yvonne for setting this up.

The star event of the year was the May Fashion Show organised by Mary Franklin, a terrific day which sadly will be the last of these events, but which raised €2700. Very many thanks, Mary.

Never forget Diz who quietly gets on with selling all our surplus stuff at brocantes.

We now have an Events Planning Group. Watch this page for future developments.

More Active Listeners

We have run two Initial Training Courses for Active Listeners this year. Newly trained Active Listeners follow up their intensive two day course with a further training day to reinforce the skills they learned. On completion of this day the President presents them all with a certificate, a handbook and a name badge with the coveted blue ribbon. This identifies fully trained ALs to clients.

Study Days.

Our Active Listeners all attend several Study days each year. This year so far they have discussed Alternative and Complementary Therapies and Bereavement. It’s always a fascinating day and, as well as keeping all our ALs informed and up to date, gives them an opportunity to bond as a team and exchange views and ideas.


Aline visited the Lycée Professionnel Pasteur at La Grande Combe to talk about CSF to a class of 17 year olds who are preparing a Bac Professionnel Petite Enfance. See separate post for more details.