Dressed To The Nines on the Eighth.

By your fashion pundit

On 8, November CSF Provence Gard organised a well attended Fashion Show in Saint Siffret. Uzès boutiques BydeBo and Next Door provided the threads and Susie laid on a champagne tea after the show, to boot.   Don’t keep it under your hat. This was another feather in the cap of CSFPG as it buckled down to stage this year’s extravaganza.

As winter draws on, there were no half measures here. Onlythe full belt and braces would do, as brave volunteers prepared to run the gauntlet before the assembled fashionistas and suits from the management.

A canine on the catwalk? No reticent hush puppy was Luna, proudly sporting her tutu as she guided Verity down the aisle. The blind paralympian equestrian had sensibly opted for hound, rather than horse to help launch her modelling career.

No room for Goody Twoshoes as the models strutted their stuff in best bib and tucker. You could tell who wore the trousers, though nobody got too big for their boots.

No whistle and flute? No need! Reinout threw his hat into the ring and his superb keyboard provided musical accompaniment to the whole proceeding. Nothing old hat. Right on the button!


What’s that you say? Put a sock in it before you get measured for a wooden overcoat?

OK cloth ears, don’t get your knickers in a twist! I’ll finish by reporting that the entrance fee and the raffle tickets for quality prizes generated in excess of €1,200 for CSF Provence Gard.