Important Information Regarding Covid-19

Our thanks  to our Colleagues in CSF Languedoc  for the content  of this post

Support to members and others

CSF is conscious that many members may be feeling worried or islolated, so our Active Listeners are at your service.

  • If you would appreciate someone to listen to your concerns or perhaps you would just like to have a chat with a friend, please do call our helpline  below We will call you back as soon as possible.
  • We are also offering the services of our translators if people receive information in French that they don’t understand.

CSF National is extending its support beyond those touched by cancer to vulnerable members of the wider anglophone community. Details of how they can help and how to contact them are here:

If you have information about the local situation you think may be useful to others please email:

Official announcements and regulations

We have all the latest announcements and regulations here: official announcements.

  • Please be sure to check the ‘last updated date’ at the top of the page.

Information sources

If you are looking for information in English, you should be aware that the French government’s page has an English option, but this is not updated as frequently as the French version.


We have collected together an extensive list of useful links here: information sources.

Latest information

If you have information about the local situation you think may be useful to others please let us know.  Our dedicated email address for this is: feedback.csf;


Fake news and scams

The number of scams reported in the UK media continues to increase. We have no information on any specifically occurring in this region or in France in general, but online scams are of course a worldwide issue.


We all need to take care to validate any information we receive from non-official sources, no matter how helpful or genuine it seems. Emails claiming to quote authoritative sources are often false and it is fairly simple to check online before forwarding on to others.


You can find more information here: fake news and scams

Shopping and travel

You need to have the official ‘ATTESTATION DE DÉPLACEMENT DÉROGATOIRE’ with you at all times when outside of your home:

  • You need a form of your own, even if you are travelling with another person.  It’s a form per person, per movement every time you go out.
  • More information here: shopping and travel

The official attestation is available from the government website here:


Keeping up your morale during the lock down

It is important to keep ourselves motivated and active while confined at home. In particular staying in touch with family and friends and staying active. With all the support and services online these days, we don’t have any excuse to be isolated or bored.


We have collected together our suggestions and your feedback here: staying motivated.


Our April Newsletter also contained many suggestions. You can down load it here.


Please let us know what you are doing so we can share useful tips in future bulletins.