Dear CSFPG members,

While there is much hysteria in the media about COVID 19, as an Association supporting vulnerable people, we have no choice but to put in place, alongside our colleagues from other CSF Associations, a plan to deal with COVID 19.

Sue Critchley as Client Support Coordinator, is working to ensure that we try to conduct full client support whilst ensuring the safety of both our Active Listeners and our clients. She will keep in regular contact with all ALs and will provide specific guidance on precautions and on individual clients. Questions on individual client support should, as always, be addressed to the Client Support Coordinator

For the immediate future, we have stopped Drop-In days and we will inform you as to how this is going to develop.

We have stopped our fundraising events, so we will lose our income on which we rely. I will look, with Council, at ways we can compensate for this and will keep you posted.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, to help raise funds for CSFPG I would be delighted to hear them. The work we do is incredibly important, we have clients who rely heavily on us. We will do our utmost not to let them down. Our Client Support team will be ensuring that all clients are contacted to explain exactly what we are doing and how it affects them. The CSFPG Council will keep events under close review and I will keep you informed as things develop.

Thank you in advance for your support in what is undoubtedly going to be a difficult time

Best Wishes
Graham Means, President