Drop-in Days

Enjoy a day free from the problems of living with cancer.


Relax at our bring and share lunch/Restaurant drop-in day

Drop-In days are a wonderful opportunity to meet friends over a tea or coffee or lunch.  Enjoy a day free from the problems of living with cancer.

Our team of Active Listeners is on hand to listen and support.

Our December Drop In will be held on Thursday December 7 from 12.15h 
at the restaurant
“Le Brouzéthym”
1543, Route des Fumades
Brouzet Les Alès
(tel 04 66 25 87 69)
It is where we had our March Drop In, a family restaurant in a small village, very friendly, lots of parking.
There is a choice of two starters, two main dishes, and two puddings,
…at 18 euros 50 all inclusive.
Wine included, courtesy of CSFPG.
Everyone who attends will pay their own food bill to the restaurant at the end.
Here is the the menu:


Tarte à l’oignon sur lit de salade

Feuilleté de moules aux poireaux sur lit de salade 
Cuisse de Canette à l’orange
Médaillons de Sole au curry
Moelleux châtaigne maison

Tarte aux pommes maison


There will be a maximum of 24 places.
Please can you let me know if you would like to come, and which starter, main course and pudding you would like by SUNDAY 3rd December, by email, to Alison Benjamin
alison.csfprovencegard@gmail.com, or by ‘phone: 06 74 03 59 58
Hoping to see lots of you there,
Very best wishes, Alison

Cookies and coffee at our drop in day- Cancer Support France
Two woman talking about cancer - Cancer Support France

When:   Thursday 7th December 2023

Address:  See details above

More info: Send a message using the contact form or call 07 84 29 28 15 / 06 82 45 56 53.